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Zipporah Iregi: Small Steps are Essential

Story By:    |   May 7, 2021     |    Global, Kenya,

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I am the next-generation health care worker.

I would love to see a future where every health worker has the resources they need to practice at the top of their profession and has what they need to feel unity in their profession.

Where the government and leaders work hand-in-hand with every health worker to improve their working conditions and to improve health—not just in their countries, but in the world at large.

Where an institution’s capacity to train nurses and other health workers is increased such that every graduate can be creative and adaptive.

Where resources are made available for the provision of care.

Where we achieve good health and well-being for all.

I know that we can slowly and surely change the health care system. It is possible. The future of nursing and health is in our hands and it’s up to us to build a better one for all—including for future generations that are coming behind us.

We need to rise up now as young people, as young nurses, and find solutions to the small problems, because a journey starts with one step. We need to rise up and start making changes, however small they may be.

Zipporah is a young nurse, currently working as a nurse intern at Kitui County Referral Hospital in Kenya. She is the first vice chairperson of the Kenya Students and Novice Nurses (KESNNUR), a chapter under the National Nurses Association of Kenya.

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