Policy Recommendations

Photo Credit: Josh Estey for IntraHealth International

Policy Recommendations for Sustainable Health Workforce Teams to Respond to COVID-19

Amnesty International reports at least 17,000 health workers have died from COVID-19 over the last year, likely a significant underestimate due to lack of data. According to the World Health Organization, 90% of countries have experienced disruption of essential health services—including for communicable diseases; noncommunicable diseases; mental health; reproductive, maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health, and nutrition services—with low- and middle-income countries reporting the greatest difficulties.

Governments, donors, and implementing partners must prioritize low- and middle-income countries to protect and support sustainable frontline health workforce teams so they can continue responding to COVID-19, while simultaneously ensuring uninterrupted access to essential health services for all people.

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The Frontline Health Workers Coalition calls on governments, donors, and implementing partners to prioritize and invest in the following actions to support frontline health workers—including community health workers—in low- and middle-income countries in their efforts to control the spread of COVID-19. These recommended actions will strengthen national health systems by making them more resilient and ready to prevent, detect, and respond to future global health threats.

Immediate needs for frontline health workers:

  • Coordination among countries, donors, and implementers
  • National and regional health workforce planning
  • Occupational safety and support for health workers’ well-being
  • Surge capacity
  • Appropriate training on COVID-19 prevention, control, and treatment 
  • Education, health workforce pipeline, and e-learning
  • Real-time health workforce data
  • Address gender-related inequalities and barriers 
  • Address stigma, attacks, and harassment

Policy Recommendations

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