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COVID-19 has underscored what we know to be true—health is essential and quality care can only be delivered by a robust and well-resourced health workforce. In 2021—declared by the World Health Organization as the International Year of Health and Care Workers — we must collectively act for health workers and prioritize investments in them.

Overview of Act for Health Workers Campaign

Health workers are the backbone of a strong health system and the most important levers of change within it, as well as the key to linking communities to care and achieving health for all. The pandemic has shown all of us their power, resilience, courage, and compassion.

Their training, knowledge, and skills are powerful foils against the ever increasing and frequent health threats we face today. Together, we must support health workers to ensure their safety and well being and that they are enabled to lead, innovate, and advocate.


Explore our virtual spotlight wall to read stories, watch, and hear from health workers advancing care in communities across the globe.

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